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Discharge performance and dynamic behavior of refuellable zinc-air battery

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Zinc-air batteries (ZaBs) are considered a promising energy storage system. a model-based analysis is one of the effective approaches for the study of ZABs. This technique, however, requires reliable discharge data as regards parameter estimation and model validation. this work, therefore, provides the data required for the modeling and simulation of ZABs. Each set of data includes working time,

cell voltage, current, capacity, power, energy, and temperature. the data can be divided into three categories: discharge profiles at different constant currents, dynamic behavior at different step changes of discharge current, and dynamic behavior at different random step changes of discharge current. Constant current discharge profile data focus on the evolution of voltage through time. The data of step changes emphasize the dynamic behavior of voltage responding to the change of discharge current. Besides, the data of random step changes are similar to the data of step changes, but the patterns of step changes are random. Such data support the modeling of a zinc-air battery for both theoretical and empirical approaches.

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