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Three-Dimensional Fibrous Iron as Anode Current Collector for Rechargeable Zinc–Air Batteries

A three-dimensional (3D) fibrous structure with a high active surface and conductive pathway proved to be an excellent anode current collector for rechargeable zinc–air batteries (ZABs). Herein, a cost-effective and highly stable zinc (Zn) electrode, based on Zn electrodeposited on iron fibers (Zn/IF), is duly examined. Electrochemical characteristics of the proposed electrode are seen to compete with a conventional zinc/nickel foam (Zn/NF) electrode, implying that it can be a suitable alternative for use in ZABs. Results show that the Zn/IF electrode exhibits an almost similar trend as Zn/NF in cyclic voltammetry (CV). Moreover, by using a Zn/IF electrode, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) demonstrates lower charge transfer resistance. In the application of a rechargeable ZAB, the fibrous Zn/IF electrode exhibits a high coulombic efficiency (CE) of 78%, close to the conventional Zn/NF (80%), with almost similar capacity and lower charge transfer resistance, after 200 charge/discharge cycles. It is evident that all the positive features of Zn/IF, especially its low cost, shows that it can be a valuable anode for ZABs.

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