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==================================================(a) Jasmine is written in Java, and even can run on Windows XP.This is the first auto FTP file uploading tool that runs perfectly onWindows.Jasmine Java has been used in many websites including ""(apres the agent that has been used in the tool, the windows version ofJasmine Java won't run smoothly on Windows XP.)*This software has been reconditioned thoroughly, optimized (60%-70%reduction in memory usage), and built on the customized version of Java(1.6.0_06)*Jasmine Java is able to use Java Web Start on Windows.You should do as follows:1) Download jasmine Java-1.0.jar file(required) from the followingURL:2) Download jasmine.exe file from the following URL:3) Open the jasmine.exe file in your browser.4) Now, you can run jasmine.exe with the "--help" parameter.5) A "CreateFile" dialog will be displayed. Input the directory, FTPserver IP (the default is "" or "")and FTP port number (default is 21). (ex., D:\testing\ftp\ftp\111710.htmlocalhost:21)6) The installation will be finished.Installation on MacOS X will be very similar.Jasmine Java needs an ini file (*.ini file) in the same directoryof the java executable file on MacOS X.Save the ini file to a file (*.ini file) using your favorite texteditor.Example of a sample.ini file:; sample.ini file[FTP]ftp=ftp.example.comftppass=pass123ftpport=21ftpport=21dir=/incoming/ftplogfiles=jak,status,ftp,.log; Source code of the ini file; Add autoUpload() function to 08929e5ed8

Jasmine Java

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