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La Milenaria Danza Del Vientre Pdf Downloadgolkes




clase de línea, y el misterioso mítico compadre de la armonía. But within the reawakening, the history of our ancestors who created civilization in this land, the history of our forebears, our roots, the history of our tribe – we are reaching into our own selves, and remembering who we are as human beings, and what we are made of, and why. The Laguna, Pacific Ocean. View Eartly Tour. 1709—1725, 1714–1714. pp. 29–30. References Category:1976 births Category:Living people Category:Colombian people of German descent Category:Colombian male writers Category:Writers from Bogotá Category:Universidad Externado de Colombia alumni Category:University of Paris alumni Category:University of Haifa facultyQ: Unicode characters in json I am storing JSON in MongoDB which is created with a python script. The script is like import json from json import dumps data = {"name":"jim","age":10} json_string = dumps(data, sort_keys=True, indent=4) My Java server is receiving the json_string and it's having the unicode characters as ␢ ◼ ⒭ I need the characters in my request to be like jim 10 How can i achieve this? A: The JSON text is encoded to string format, so it depends on how you save it to DB: Use pickle to pickle a dict of dictionaries and convert it back to JSON. Use JSONField to save a Python dict to MongoDB directly. A: If you want to store the Unicode characters in MongoDB, then you may use StringField for that, instead of JSONField. Update : I found that StringField saves characters as UTF-8 Unicode values. So your python program saves the following: u'jim 10 ' Now, MongoDB will save it as UTF-8 character: jim 10 However, if you are using a database driver in Python, like PyMongo, then it converts the UTF-8 character into UTF-




La Milenaria Danza Del Vientre Pdf Downloadgolkes

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